Where did the term carpartment come from?  Once we had purchased land and made the decision to follow through with building our enormous garage, we needed a name for it.  All along, we have referred to the living space as an apartment, since it is 1,100 square feet (of a total 4,200 square feet).  And the rest is, in fact, a garage, since it will house all of our cars.  So my husband started out saying it could be the garpartment.  Every time I started to say that, I either screwed it up or said it wrong, LOL!  It just didn’t come natural to say and then one day I, completely by accident, called it the carpartment and everyone who knows about this project, seems to be favorable to that term.  So, CARPARTMENT it is!!!

So this is really just a spin on the barndominium, which is still a pole barn, but they refer to the living space as a condominium.  That just didn’t relate for me, since I am a Realtor, because a condo is typically in a community and attached to multiple other units.  The carpartment is simply a modest living space, that is attached to a huge garage (pole barn), but nothing else.  And since it is so unique, it would never be allowed in a condo community.  That is why we purchased multiple acres out in the country, so we could build what suits our needs.  Which is room for cars, cars, and more cars (and an occasional truck).  Thus the carpartment was born!


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