Decisions, Decisions


When we decided the carpartment life may be for us, the first thing we had to do was find some land.  We knew that we wanted to be out in the country, out away from the traffic and growth of the town we have lived in for the past 20+ years.  There were a couple of cities on the outskirts that we looked at.  But the truth is, this beautiful piece of land was the first one to truly catch our attention.  We thought about it a lot and basically sat on the idea for a bit.  We finally decided to put in an offer and the seller immediately shot it down.  So after weeks of still looking here and there and not finding anything quite as nice, we put in another offer.  After some push back from the seller for a higher price, he finally accepted our offer.  I was ecstatic, my husband was like oh my, what have we done?  It is further out in the country than he has ever lived before, but not for me, I was raised in the country.  So it was like going back home for me.  The land is surrounded by rolling hills, with absolutely amazing views.

The land has a bit of a slope and that is where some of our decisions started.  After closing on the land, we needed to figure out where to put this massive building.  We knew that at some point in the future that we would like to build a house, so at first we thought about putting the building further back and leave room in front of it for the house.  That beautiful lonely tree in the middle of the lot would be located in the backyard, right behind the house.  We decided if we put the garage behind the house, that with the height we needed for car lifts, then it would likely be taller than the house.  So our next options was to put it behind that patch of trees to the right.  There is a natural slope there that would allow for the height of the building.  We had our excavator look at it and he agreed this was a good option.  We measured it out and there was a 6 foot drop from the rear corner to the opposite front corner.  That meant a lot of gravel had to be brought it, so truckload after truckload was brought in, some 50 plus truckloads.   In order to be ready for the pole barn builder, we had to have the site level within 6″.  So with a fortune in gravel, our site was ready to build on.  The decisions involved in something like this seem to never end.

After picking out the land, finding the most suitable place to put the building, we had to pick a pole barn builder, figured out how big of a building we wanted, choose the colors, figure out how many windows and doors we wanted.  The list just goes on and on.  We looked at two different pole barn building companies and they were quite different in their prices and also in their construction methods.  I will dedicate a post at a later time to discuss those options.  We had to decide whether we wanted the pole barn builder to have the concrete poured or whether we wanted to hire someone ourselves.  One of the builders offered building out the interior as well.  The options go on and on.  We finally chose a pole barn builder after meeting with them and also seeing a pole barn they had built for a friend of my husband’s.  We decided to let them handle the concrete and we would contract having the interior living space done.  So turns out making a decision about the builder and what we needed in the building was the easy part, next started all of the various permits and county offices that I had to visit and write checks to.  We will save that for another day!


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