Our carpartment is referred to as a pole barn and that is due to the construction method used.  Pole barns in their most common usage, is a wood framed building with trusses for the roof and wooden poles to support the walls.  In most areas of the country, a pole barn is built by sinking the post into the ground and securing them with concrete.  The concrete is poured after the building is framed up.  In the area where we built, there is simply too much rock in the ground to be able to build it cost effectively.  The rock is too abundant and would have to be hammered or possibly blasted to get through it.  In this case, the concrete pad is poured first and then the post are each secured with metal brackets and heavy duty bolts around the perimeter of the building.


Some pole barns do not have concrete floors, they have dirt floors.  Dirt floors are more for a livestock type building or to store farm equipment, etc.  And some pole barns do not have finished walls, the post are exposed and this makes it easier to access, if parking equipment inside.

There are also pole barns that are constructed with a metal frame, these always have a flatter roof line.  That is the sole reason we decided on a wood framed pole barn, we wanted a higher roof pitch for drainage and for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

The exterior construction of a pole barn is metal, including the roof.


The majority of pole barns do not have an overhang on the eave or gutters.  We opted for both on ours.  Again, for a more refined look and also for better drainage.  With a metal roof and the absence of gutters, the rain basically runs off the roof and makes a ditch around the perimeter of the building.

So no matter what the purpose of the building is, there are different options available that can make it the most usable for whatever application needed.


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