As I mentioned before, our lot has a bit of a slope to it and we had many truckloads of gravel brought in to level it out.  Our excavator is great at what he does and he arranged to have truckloads, of what in our area is called shot rock, to make a solid base for the concrete slab.  Shot rock is simply larger pieces of rock, some of which is bigger than what you see in the pictures.  We have been told that the base is very solid and will stand up to time, by several people in the building industry.  That is great news considering we want this building to outlast us.


The above picture shows the gravel being put into place, only about half done at that point.


The above picture here shows almost all of the gravel in place.  It had to be leveled out after this and then a layer of smaller gravel was put on top.


Here is the final site ready for concrete forms.  There is extra gravel around the perimeter and most of that will either be dug out and used elsewhere later or dirt pulled back over it.

The cost of the gravel was quite expensive, but that is the base for everything, so it isn’t what we wanted to cut any corners on.  The site had to be level within 6 inches in order for the concrete guys to start their work.  Having a solid base and having the lot level is one of the main things that will determine if the concrete will turn out well or not.

We didn’t realize just how massive of a pile of gravel that we had, until we saw the track-hoe and could see it’s size relative to the gravel.  It is very difficult to understand the size of anything on a lot with any acreage.  It is also difficult to see how much slope a lot truly has.  A friend of mine, who is a builder, told me to stand on the roadway in front and that will give a better idea.  I would agree with that, but I still didn’t really get the idea until so many loads of gravel were brought in.  And to get an idea of the size of the lot, all you have to do is mow it to truly understand!  We’ll talk about that another day!


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