This weeks blog post is a little different than what I have posted thus far, so bare with me…

Over the weekend, Brian had to rework some of the framing of the carpartment, for various reasons.  He also had to install some plywood to the attic space for the HVAC to sit on.  He and I both, put forth some manual labor and grunt work.  While we were there working on it, I started thinking about my Mom and Dad and the great example of hard work and effort that they showed me growing up.

My Mom and Dad built the house that I grew up in, with their own two hands.  They had some help from family members and friends who pitched in on weekends, but it was mostly the two of them that built it.  It took years to complete, but they did and my Mom still lives in that house today.  At first they built a basement only, you couldn’t even see that a house was there from the road, it had a flat roof.  We lived in that basement for years, before the second story was built.  They built what they could afford, saved up and then finally built the second story.  The above picture is of my Dad sitting on the edge of that flat basement roof, when he had just started framing the walls.  I can remember seeing them both working their tails off on it.  My Mom did just as much manual labor as my Dad.  I remember seeing her swing a hammer or carry things that took the strength of a man to carry, but it didn’t stop her!  She was just as determined and hardworking as my Dad, to get the house done.  This weekend while Brian and I were shoving heavy 3/4 plywood, into the attic space of our carpartment, I couldn’t help but see that image of my parents from years ago.

Brian cutting plywood for the HVAC unit to sit on

Growing up, I was no stranger to doing work that was better suited for boys.  I was an only child and my Dad believed strongly in making me tough.  So my parents made me do a few manual labor jobs, on the build of the house.  I remember having to pull up nails with a hammer, out of the wood on that flat roof, once the exterior of the upstairs was complete.  I remember hating every minute of it, but they still made me do it!  They always worked extremely hard, my Mom still works hard!  We lost my Dad in 2007, but his work ethic is something that I will always remember.  To have such hardworking role models as parents, growing up was such a blessing and I am extremely grateful, even though I hated it as a child.

Even though, Brian and I have sought out the professionals to handle most of this build.  I feel very proud that when something needs to be handled or re-worked, that we jump in and do it.  I will say, that we have it way easier these days, because we can look up how to do things online, even watch videos if need be.  My parents had to just figure it out or ask someone how.  I sometimes wish my Dad was still around, so we could draw from his knowledge, but we will just keep working through the process, day by day.  Each day we get closer and closer to having a finished carpartment!



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