One thing we knew that would be a must in the carpartment is epoxy floors in the garage space.  We always meant to put epoxy on the garage floor at our last house, but never did.  The reason why is, we were rushed to move in and once you have things in the garage, it is so difficult to get the motivation to empty it.  Plus the floor needs time to dry which means you have to put your belongings somewhere in the meantime.  Lucky for us, at this point in our build, this go around, several cars are the only thing that we had to move.  It was tough for us to leave the cars outside, since they are typically always garage kept, but it is only short term.

Researching epoxy products was a long process for us.  We went back and forth between having the floors professional done and doing them ourselves.  The biggest concern was making sure that it held up, because moving everything out to redo them later, isn’t really an option that we want to entertain.  They are so many do it yourself products out there and some seem good and some seem horrible, based on reviews.  After doing tons of research, we decided that 100% solid epoxy was the best option.  This seems to be the most durable type of epoxy.  One thing people comment about, as a complaint on epoxy floors, is hot tires sticking to the floor and peeling it up.  That isn’t supposed to happen as easily on 100% solid epoxy floors.  Only time will tell, but we feel comfortable about the choice in products.

After making the decision on what we were looking for in a product, we found a local contractor who has been doing floors since 1998.  We met with him and discussed all of our concerns.  The company has a lifetime warranty on the floor and are even able to do patch work if the need ever arises.  We finally decided that having a professional do it was the way to go.  That meant the only prep work we needed to do was to get the garage area cleaned out and move all of the cars out.

A far as color choices for epoxy go there are tons of color options, but Brian wanted a medium grey with no color flakes.  The color flakes make it impossible to find something if you drop it.  And since a lot of cars will be worked on in this garage space, no flakes seemed like the way to go.

The most important tip on epoxy floors is the way the floor is prepped is the most important step of the process.  The way it was explained to us, there are two methods of getting the epoxy to adhere properly, either chemically or physically.  With the chemical method, of course chemicals are applied in order to open up the concrete to absorb the epoxy.  With the physical method, they basically sand the entire floor to allow the product to adhere.  With the size of our garage space, that would have taken much longer.  The obstacle we had was getting a water supply for the flooring crew.  Luckily we had already had our water line ran to the living space, it just isn’t attached yet.  So our plumber was able to put a spigot on the water line to enable them to have running water to rinse off the chemical they applied to prepare the floor.

What we have now is a super shiny epoxied floor!  We are hopeful that we will get years of use and they it will stay looking good.  So now when one of our lovely cars marks it’s territory, we will be able to wipe it right up without the aid of brake parts cleaner!


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