I know some of you are curious about what is going on with the carpartment these days.  I have been so busy for the last month with getting the last inspections completed, packing, moving, etc. that I haven’t had time to keep up the blog posts.  I am sorry for the lapse in time and information.

So here is an update…we are officially moved in, we received a temporary certificate of occupancy a couple of weeks ago and last week, we received the official certificate of occupancy from the county.  The temporary electric has been disconnected and we are officially on a regular meter now.  We still have a row of boxes lined up in the garage that have to be unpacked, but we are starting to get settled into the living space.

In the last couple of weeks, Brian has been finishing up the baseboards and trim around the doors.  He has also installed shelving for both of our closets and for the coat closet and pantry.  I have been puttying the baseboards/door frames and painting them.  I still have a lot to finish with those.  We still have some drywall work, that is in process, that is preventing Brian from finishing the baseboards and one door frame in the living room.  The excavating around the building is complete and the septic tank and field lines are all covered up and functioning now.  We had to put out seed and straw in order for the groundwater department to approve our final inspection.  Unfortunately, it immediately rained after it was put out, so we have very little new grass coming up, at this point.


Close up of Tile


File Apr 05, 6 03 50 PM

Once we get the living space complete, then the work on the garage space can begin.  The first item up will be lighting.  We chose to go with all LED lights in the living space and we will be doing the same in the garage.  Brian will be wiring the garage himself, the electrician put in an extra panel box, specifically for all of our extra needs in the garage.

It is truly exciting to finally be moved into the living space and I will share a lot more about that another time.  Gotta go for now, I have more unpacking to do!!!



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